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I've gone through the custom cylinder widget, but still need some help.  What's the best way to contact you? 

Please email us at, Include your equipment's year, make & model, position, dimensions and any photos that may be helpful. You may also leave this information in a voicemail at 913-371-6300. 


I ordered the wrong size, can I exchange it for the correct one?

We’re sorry, no. Our cylinders are made to order and are not returnable. Please double check your specs before ordering.


I received the invoice for my custom hydraulic cylinder and it says “2.5 x 48S” but I ordered a 3 inch outer and 58 inch collapsed cylinder!  Is everything ok?

Yes! Our invoices show the internal measurement, (called bore) and stroke length of the cylinder. A cylinder’s bore will be smaller than the outside dimension. The collapsed length will be longer than stroke. 


My VIN # is XYZ1234, what cylinder do I need?

There is no published VIN library for us to access.  Modifications are very common.  We make cylinders to order and want them to match what’s on your trailer now, not what might have been on it when it left the factory.  Please collect your cylinder’s dimensions and enter them into our custom cylinder widget. 

C.F. says “If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over?”  


What size is the securement pin hole?

All of our cylinders are made to accept 0.75” clevis pins. They can be purchased in our store, here


Is it ok to mix bore sizes between a pair of cylinders?

No. We recommend always matching bore sizes.  If you need to make a change, it should be done in pairs and after consulting your mechanic or trailer’s OEM. 


Is it ok to mix different stroke/collapsed lengths?

There’s no need to, we make custom sizes.  We recommend matching the dimensions on your trailer or making changes in pairs only after consulting your mechanic or OEM. 


Can you please include any hose fittings I might need? 

We’re sorry, we do not sell any hose fittings.  However, our cylinders come with industry standard with SAE #6 threaded ports. Please contact your local hydraulic shop or who ever makes your hoses.


I’m not sure which fittings I need.  Are they SAE or NPT?

SAE fittings have straight threads that use an O-Ring to seal.  NPT fittings have tapered threads that wedge into the port to seal.  They do not use an o-ring to seal.  We do not recommend the use of NPT ports.


How tight should my hydraulic fitting be?

Hand tight, plus a quarter turn with a wrench. Do not over tighten, it can cause the rod become restricted and not collapse.


Can I order cylinders made with NPT threaded hose ports?

No. We do not recommend the use of NPT ports.  Instead, a change to your hose can be made to accommodate a more reliable SAE-style connection.  Please contact your local hydraulic shop or who ever makes your hoses. 


Cylinder Glossary:

Body: Cylinder tube that houses cylinder rod. Largest part of the cylinder.

Bore: Internal volume of cylinder housing. Measurement of inside of cylinder tubing. Must be disassembled to measure.

Outer Dimension: outer measurement of the cylinder tube.

Rod: Chrome rod that moves in and out of the cylinder body.  Also called shaft.

Piston: Internal machined aluminum “puck” attached to the bottom of the cylinder rod. Piston seals and wear rings are installed here.

Gland: Threaded nut at rod end. Rod seals and wiper install inside.

Shank: Threaded bottom nut. Back-up and O-Ring install on outside of threads.

Pin hole: Used to secure to into welded clevis bracket.

Port: Threaded hydraulic port for hose.

Inline: Refers to position of hose port, relative to shank-end pin hole. Directly inline with hose port.

90 degrees: Refers to position of hose port relative to shank-end pin hole, outset 90 degree away from port.